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NXG Logic ChipST2C: Analysis Package for RNA-Seq and and Biochip Data

ChipST2C (Chip Statistical Testing to Clustering) is a software package for RNA-Seq, DNA microarray, and biochip data analysis.  Capabilities of ChipST2C include 2- and k-sample parametric and non-parametric hypothesis testing, automatic hierarchical cluster analysis of statistically differentially significant genes, heat maps, k-means cluster analysis, principal components analysis (PCA), within-gene and between randomization tests, and various approaches for the multiple testing problem (Bonferroni, false discovery rate, and Storey q-values).  In addition, K-means cluster analysis can be performed on significant genes for 2- and k-sample tests in order to drill down further into co-regulatory expression patterns. 


ChipST2C rapidly analyzes RNA-Seq, DNA microarray, or biochip data by first identifying significant genes, and then displaying the significant genes in their relevant sample-based and group-based clusters.   Benefits for using ChipST2C  include:

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10 (16GB RAM)